Class #12 11/4/2020 Chapter 17 (reviewing and revising drafted documents)

Reviewing and Revising Drafted Documents:

Reliance Clauses in Florida:

Contract Drafting Resources:

Word Tip: Format Painter:

Boilerplate Clauses:

Boilerplate Books:

Boilerplate in SEC Edgar Documents:

Usury Statute:

Choice of Law Statute:

Microsoft Word Online Training:

Some Sample Template Clauses


Required Text:  Legal Drafting, Process, Techniques and Exercises, 3rd edition, 2017, published by West Academic Publishing, and written by Professor George Kuney & Adjunct Professor Donna C. Looper

Recommended Text and Author’s WebsiteGarner’s Guidelines for Drafting and Editing Contracts, 1st edition 2019, published by West Academic Publishing, and written by Bryan A. Garner

Another Useful Text and Author’s WebsiteA Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, 4th edition, 2017, published by American Bar Association, and written by Kenneth A. Adams

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