Class #11 10/28/2020 Chapters 15 and 16 (terms and typography and layout)



Word Tip:


Assignment #11:

1. Read Chapter 17 (reviewing and revising drafted documents)

2. Draft a 2 to 3 page office lease agreement using these facts:
Divide class into two teams:
Half of class is Team Tenant whose client is a small law firm that desires to lease office space next to the courthouse
Half of class is Team Landlord whose client owns the office building in which the space is located
Breakout session #1 in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:
Each team collaborate on an outline of the key points to include in the lease
Each team uses Microsoft Office Word Online so that each team member and professor can see its separate outline file and edit it
Each team chooses spokesperson
End breakout session #1:
Each team emails its outline to the other team and to professor
Spokespersons present each outline point and teams negotiate a final outline for drafting the lease
Breakout session #2:
Each team divides up drafting work and agrees on defined terms
Use Word online and send link to professor
Each team member drafts lease provisions into shared Word online file
End breakout session #2:
Each team emails its first draft to the other team and to professor
Each class member uses first drafts to create second drafts as individual assignments to do out of class and send to professor before next class

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