Class #10 Chapter 13 (drafting style and usage)

Indemnification Agreements:

Checklist for Drafting Various Types of Contracts:

Checklist for Contract Drafting:

Elements of Transactions and Their Contracts:




Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment #10 (due Tuesday 4/7/20):

  1. Read and study Chapter 14 (definitions)
  2. Draft a nondisclosure agreement

Length: 1 to 2 pages

Your file name: “[your last name] Nondisclosure agreement [date]”

Email the file to:


ABC, INC. is interested in acquiring all of the assets of XYZ, INC. but wants to perform due diligence before entering into a contract to purchase.

As part of its due diligence, ABC wants to review the business and financial records of XYZ including tax returns, employment records, etc.

Your assignment for out-of-class individual drafting is to draft a nondisclosure agreement assuming your client is ABC.