Class #09 10/14/2020 Chapter 13 (drafting style and usage)

Florida Bar Legal Publications Sold by Lexis:

Indemnification Agreements:

Checklist for Drafting Various Types of Contracts:

Checklist for Contract Drafting:

Elements of Transactions and Their Contracts:




Assignment #9

  • Read and study Chapter 14 (definitions)
  • Re-read the following important pages of Chapter 13 (drafting style and usage)
    • p216 phrases
    • p219 redundant expressions
    • p221 legalese
    • p232 short sentence of 26 words
    • p241 Strunk and White
    • p245 misused words
    • p246 gender specific words to avoid
    • Exercise #10 (just read; no need to turn in)
  • Read over the next class web page at .
  • Draft a 2-page nondisclosure agreement:
    • Facts:
      • ABC, INC. is interested in acquiring all of the assets of XYZ, INC. but wants to perform due diligence before entering into a contract to purchase.
      • As part of its due diligence, ABC wants to review the business and financial records of XYZ, including tax returns, employment records, etc.
      • Your assignment is to draft a nondisclosure agreement assuming your client is ABC
      • Create additional facts as needed for this exercise.
    • Name the file: “[student last name] Nondisclosure agreement [date]”.
    • Self-assess the document:
      • Title
      • Parties
      • Date
      • Page numbers
      • Spelling
    • Email your draft contract as a PDF file to no later than the day before the next class.
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