Class #08 10/7/2020 Chapter 12 (avoiding ambiguities)


Contract Forms on Lexis:

Indemnification Agreements:


Assignment #8

    1. Read and study Chapter 13 (drafting style and usage)
    2. Read over the next class web page at .
    3. Draft a 2-page indemnification agreement:
      • Facts:
        • ABC, INC. has contracted to acquire all of the assets of XYZ, INC., which is a drone manufacturer.
        • As part of its post-closing protection, ABC wants XYZ to execute and deliver to ABC at closing an indemnification agreement with regard to products liability. Your assignment is to draft that agreement that would be signed at the closing on the sale of assets.
        • Create additional facts as needed for this exercise.
      • Name the file: “[student last name] Indemnification agreement [date]”.
      • Self-assess the document:
        • Title
        • Parties
        • Date
        • Page numbers
        • Spelling
      • Email your draft contract as a PDF file to no later than the day before the next class.
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