Class #06 Chapters 7 and 8 (getting started and drafting within the law)

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Assignment #6

    1. In-class drafting assignment
      1. Drafting of contract for sale of real estate
      2. Client interview (student interviews me for facts; another student writes facts on blackboard)
      3. Draft contract in class, one student at a time provides a sentence
    2. Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment due Tues
      1. Read and study Chapters 9 and 10 (determining substance and choosing concept)
      2. Drafting:
        1. Search Westlaw, Lexis and Stetson law library for a model for contract for sale of real estate
        2. Send the URL address link for the model you are using to 
        3. Draft in your own words a 3 to 5 page contract for sale of real estate, assuming you represent the buyer ABC, LLC and not the seller John C. Doe; use plain English, without ambiguities, and considering the rules of interpretation of contracts
        4. Name the file: “[your name] Contract for sale of real estate [date]”