Class #04 9/9/20 Chapters 5 and 6 (drafting ethics and drafting overview)

Employment Agreement

Garner on Attorney’s Fees vs. Attorneys’ Fees vs. Attorney Fees vs. Attorneys Fees

Types of Entities in Florida

Entitles in FL 2001

Tech Tip

Review Key Pages in Required Text (Kuney and Looper)

        1. Kuney and Looper Ch 1 and 2 Philosophy, Contracts
          1. P3 plain English
          2. P4 ambiguity
          3. P8 honor oblig
          4. P18 scratch drafting after read precedent docs
          5. P20 and 27 deal timeline
          6. P23 and 24 unintended contracts; letters of intent
          7. P25 consideration
          8. P28 PARTS of a contract
          9. P34 boilerplate
          10. P40 amending
        2. Kuney and Looper Ch 3 and 4 Legislative Drafting, Rules of Interpretation
          1. P52 parts of statute
          2. P53 definitions
          3. P54 effective date
          4. P56 amending
          5. FS Ch 1 interp
          6. P63 plain meaning
          7. P67 expressio unius est exclusio alterius (list exclusive)
          8. P68 ejusdem generis (and others is limited by other words)
          9. P69 noscitur a sociis (context counts)
          10. P69 reddendo singula singulis (match each item in series  to corresponding item)
          11. P70 rule of last modification
          12. P70 handwritten over typed or printed
          13. P70 written over arabic numerals
          14. P72 read doc as a whole
          15. P74 against the drafter
        3. Kuney and Looper Ch 5 and 6 Drafting Ethics, Drafting Overview
          1. P106 organize doc
          2. P107 ambiguities
          3. P109: ***25 things


Assignment #4

  • Draft a 2-page employment contract:
    • Search SEC Edgar for an employment agreement to use as a model (try search term phrase in quotes: “hereby employs”), or search Westlaw, Lexis, and Stetson Law Library for a template to use as an example
    • Draft in your own words a 2-page employment contract, assuming you represent the employer Acme, Inc. and not the employee Mary L. Doe, who is its new CEO.
    • Use plain English, without ambiguities, and keep in mind the rules of interpretation of contracts.
    • Create facts as needed for this exercise.
    • Name the file: “[student last name] Employment contract [date]”.
    • Self-assess the document:
      • Title
      • Parties
      • Date
      • Page numbers
      • Spelling
    • Email your draft contract as a PDF file to no later than the day before the next class.
  • Read and study Chapters 7 and 8 (getting started and drafting within the law)
  • Read over the next class web page at .
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