Class #05 Chapters 5 and 6 (drafting ethics and drafting overview)

Employment Agreement

Garner on Attorney’s Fees vs. Attorneys’ Fees vs. Attorney Fees vs. Attorneys Fees

Types of Entities in Florida

Entitles in FL 2001



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Assignment #5

Contract Drafting

Employment Contract

  1. In-Class Drafting and Editing:
    1. Analyze section 8(a) Non-Competition of Command Center executive employment agreement at then using your own words, in plain English, without ambiguities, without affecting the legal rights and duties it provides, draft a revised paragraph, considering the rules of interpretation of contracts.
    2. Name the file: “[your name] Noncompete [date]”.
    3. Email the file to .


  1. Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment due Tuesday 2/25/2020:
    1. Read and study Chapters 7 and 8 (getting started and drafting within the law)
    2. Drafting:
          1. Search SEC Edgar for an employment agreement to use as a model (try search term phrase in quotes: “hereby employs”).
          2. Send the URL address link for the model you are using to .
          3. Draft in your own words a 5 page employment agreement, assuming you represent the employer ABC Corporation and not the employee John C. Doe, who is its new CEO; use plain English, without ambiguities, and considering the rules of interpretation of contracts.
          4. Name the file: “[your name] Employment agreement [date]”.
          5. Email the file to .