Class #03 9/2/20 Chapters 3 and 4 (legislative drafting and rules of interpretation)

Case re Signing in Representative Capacity

Contract Cases re Parol Evidence

Bryan Garner

Contract Examples

Some Sample Template Clauses

Signatures Form

Wordperfect for DOS Help – Prof. Edward Mendelson, Columbia University

Wordperfect for Windows:


Assignment #3

Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment for next week:

  • Draft a 2-page contract for sale of a drone.
    • You may use the Airbus contract as a model, but use your own words.
    • Create facts as needed for this exercise.
    • Name the file: “[student last name] Contract for purchase of business [date]”. For example: Smith Contract for purchase of business 2020.09.02
    • Self-assess the document:
      • Title
      • Parties
      • Date
      • Page numbers
      • Spelling
    • Email your draft contract as a PDF file, not a Word file, to no later than the day before the next class. To save a Word file as a PDF, select File Save As as select File Format: PDF.
  • Read and study Chapters 5 and 6  (drafting ethics and drafting overview)
  • Read over the next class web page at .
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