Class #02 8/26/20 Chapters 1 and 2 (philosophy of drafting and contract drafting)

Contract Short Form Template

Letter of Intent Template

Text Expander macro app for Mac and Windows

Strunk & White

Jury Verdict Forms for Contract Cases

Statutory Notary Clauses in Florida

Jim’s Basic Drafting Tips

Where to Get Online Forms at Stetson Law Library

Table of Contents for Lexis Southeast Transaction Guide

Table of Contents for West Florida Jur Forms Legal and Business

Table of Contents for Lexis Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms

Where to Search Online Public Records for Contract Parties

Review Assignment #1 Letter of Intent


Assignment #2

Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment for next week:

  • XYZ, LLC owns the WEAR ME OUT clothing store in Tampa, Florida, and ABC Corporation is buying it from XYZ, LLC for $550,000 payable $100,000 cash at closing and $450,000 by promissory note payable over 10 years with interest at 8% per annum secured by a security agreement on all assets being sold. Pretend you are a law clerk for ABC’s lawyer. [Create additional facts as needed for this exercise.]
    • Draft a contract for purchase of business of up to 2 pages in length.
    • Name the file: “[student last name] Contract for purchase of business [date]”.
    • Self-assess the document:
      • Title
      • Parties
      • Date
      • Page numbers
      • Spelling
  • Read and study Chapters 3 and 4 (legislative drafting and rules of interpretation) in the required text.
  • Read over the next class web page at .
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