Class #01 Introduction to Drafting the “Contract That Stays Out of Court”

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Drafting the Contract That Stays Out of Court

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  1. In-class drafting assignment #1A: 
    1. Facts: John Doe and Mary Smith settle their lawsuit in mediation by Mary agreeing to pay John $100,000. You are John’s lawyer. [Create additional facts as needed for this exercise.]
    2. Draft the settlement agreement. You have 10 minutes. Name the document Word file: “Settlement agreement d1 [date] by [your name]”.
    3. Self-assess the document:
      1. Title
      2. Parties
      3. Date
      4. Page numbers
      5. Spelling
    4. Email the file to and the student to your left.
    5. Open the email from the student to your right. Save the file to your class folder. Make a copy of that file and name it: “Settlement agreement d2 [date] by [other student name] edited by [your name]”. Edit the document for grammar, clarity, etc., as if you were co-counsel to John’s lawyer. Email the edited file to and back to the student to your right.
  2. Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment #1B:
    1. Read and study Chapters 1 and 2 (philosophy of drafting and contract drafting)
    2. Complete your draft of the settlement agreement:
      1. Open the email of your edited draft #2. Make a copy of that file and name it: “Settlement agreement d3 [date] by [your name]” 
      2. Finish drafting the settlement agreement. Email the edited file to 
    3. Read Florida Trend article on distribution: 
    4. Letter of intent Coca Cola example: