Class #01 8/19/20 Introduction to Drafting the “Contract That Stays Out of Court”

Class Things

Drafting the Contract That Stays Out of Court

Most Used Links for Contract Drafting

Most Used Links for Searching Parties

Other Useful Links for Contract Drafting

Contracts Management

Artificial Intelligence

Automated Text Apps

Law Insider Webinar


Assignment #1

In-class drafting assignment to do during a breakout session: 

  • Facts: John Doe and Mary Smith settle their lawsuit in mediation by John agreeing to pay Mary $200,000. Assume you are working as a law clerk for Mary’s lawyer. [Create additional facts as needed for this exercise.]
  • Begin drafting a settlement agreement of up to 2 pages in length.
  • Name the file:  “[student last name] Settlement agreement [date]”.
  • Self-assess the document:
      • Title
      • Parties
      • Date
      • Page numbers
      • Spelling

Out-of-class reading and drafting assignment for next week:

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