This is a resource accessible by Stetson law students enrolled in Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting for the Fall 2020 semester.

This site provides links to online materials regarding contract drafting.

Course Catalog Description: This course surveys documents of legal practice and the skills needed to write them. Students will engage in problem-solving via legal analysis and writing, receive hands-on drafting experiences, and gain greater sophistication and power as legal writers. This section will emphasize contract drafting.

Learning Outcomes:

    1. Communicate effectively in writing and orally: how to draft “the contract that stays out of court” by learning how to confidently and competently draft clear and unambiguous contracts.
    2. Demonstrate sophistication in legal analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving: how to analyze contract wording and revise it to meet the client’s expectations.
    3. Gather and interpret relevant facts and conduct legal research: how to sort through and assemble facts for use in contract provisions based on rights, duties and legal principles.

Adjunct Professor of Law: James W. Martin, Esq., St. Petersburg, Florida, www.jamesmartinpa.com, jim@jamesmartinpa.com, jwmartin@law.stetson.edu, Phone (727) 821-0904

August 13, 2020

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